Bangkok in Film


My love in photography lies in film. I received my first film camera when I was about age 8/9 in Australia just before heading off to Sea World. I remembered being a child and annoyed at my parents for letting my eldest sister be "cool" and hold our super bulky and obviously heavy camcorder. So, being the youngest and without crying, I got a film camera. I had magic powers back then. 


Being a follower for new and improved things, I took a day trip to Bangkok to head on to The Great Outdoor Market. I took my film camera with me and took a flight down to the land of smiles. I drank way too many thai iced tea that either kept me either really high on energy or weak with diabetes. I love travelling alone and what more in a city I could just do literally anything without breaking the bank. I hope you enjoy seeing these photos and that it would make you want to visit the city where women at food bazaars look immaculate all the time. Was The Great Outdoor Market worth my time? Definitely - for the experience and exposure on how my neighbouring country can be so creative and yet so humble about it.