Waking up to 2016


Why hello there Kuala Lumpur in 2016 where roads feels a scene from walking dead with one or two cars speeding off the limit heading to mamak's. Woke up roughly around 9 this morning, calm as ever. Wasn't too sure what I should do as it is a little bit of my own pressure to start off with something productive at least. Quickly hurried to the couch, pet my annoying little cats and here I am typing my first ever post on this space. Wasn't too sure why I am starting a blog this year when I pretty much have blogged under so many alias for the past few years. Even had a major successful blog which actually began my career in university which I ended up closing the chapter because I didn't really like who I was back then. Did not felt real.

I don't think eight years later that I am living the life and found my calling. I am still walking around like a zombie with comfort clothes but at least with small goals and to remember each day to put myself first. I have travelled to more than 60 countries now and I am still itching to walk up mountains, discover new roads and amazing shops that I would have never thought about. I am comfortable with life with an amazing apartment [crazy huge responsibility though] , constant supportive, loving family and just humans close to me that it has come to that age where I have the best one's in my hand. 

Phew. That felt like a speech. So let's get on with 2016 shall we?