The Next Move

So before joining, I am currently trying to finish work for my freelance work jobs that I have been doing for my clients and just learning new skills which I will share with you soon. Nothing much. Okay, okay. It's sewing! Nothing to brag about since I can't even stitch a straight line without messing the machine.

So enough about me, how have you been?



//Quite delicious food seen above from VCR  cafe that is right smack in KL.


I have been deciding on a decision lately and and I have made my next move - career wise. I decided enough fun and games/ freelance works which has been amazing and decided to stay focus on a plan. By 30, what would I want. I have traveled enough (never enough but I have been lucky) and I had my fair share of lying down staring at the ceiling of my lovely new apartment. 

I made a decision to join an international fashion designer company in mid-February (after the CNY holidays) even though I have been nervous on joining the fashion industry again after a long hiatus when coming back to KL from London. Reasons are long, but hey I look forward to this new chapter as now I have a sort of concrete plan to follow before my goal when I am 30 years of age! (which is 3 years from now). It is not that different from what I am doing right now, managing marketing for all my currents clients but this 10-7pm job (compared to freelancing) would be interesting and I have loads of plans even before meeting with the owner.