crossing my legs while waiting.

          sweaty after pilates // not exactly your FHM post workout picture is it? LOL

         sweaty after pilates // not exactly your FHM post workout picture is it? LOL

I realised how quickly we are to "trust" other humans. Here I am waiting in the lounge with my laptop, books and well everything I could carry in my knapsack knowing I was going to spend a good six hours here however, I am not the only one.  When one of us (the customers) needs to go to the loo or perhaps just a quick walk around the service centre (which is amazingly huge), we politely ask the stranger next to us "can you have lookout for my things while I head out for ____" and the stranger quickly without hesitation will say " of course!" ( not caring  whether the stranger actually have to go to the loo/ out in the next five minutes or so.

I like that humans still have the "trust" connection even though it may only be to a certain level. It is some sort of faith in humankind and with the appalling news we usually get on our Facebook newsfeed, we need a lot of optimism in reality. 

I am currently waiting at the customer lounge at the car service centre. Somewhat prepared, I brought along my laptop and I almost punched my fist to thin air when the customer service associate mentioned I had to wait six hours before I could drive back home. I didn't mind as of right now I am currently enjoying their free food, fast wifi and I could cross my legs on their comfortable couch without worrying what other's think. // I actually had bad service here, the week before today but I am looking at the bright side of life shall :)

So, enough of me blabbering as I am only speaking out loud due to boredom. I have only visited my pilates class once this week and I have been a sloth about it after. Delaying schedule to actually have a workout, I rather read self-help books and watch Runningman all day. Visiting local food stalls has also been a top choice as the constant disappointment with quality of food from upcoming cafe's has been abysmal.

So how have you been?