2015, me.

stop worrying about what you have to loose and start focusing on what you have to gain

I gained a new perspective over life and instead of dwelling about it, I have been looking at the positive side every single time a negative tries to magnetize its way through.

I always believe in starting fresh for new year's as it marks time. Starting fresh with myself whether it is with small goals or with other humans, I hope to document a good journey in 2016. One that I could look back and finally say "fuck, that was a good year indeed". 



I wrote quite of a long post on how 2015 was for me. Self discovery on when I lost myself along the way and what life means to me now however when the post got deleted due to technical issues, I could not find myself to rewrite it all over again.

Because I got over those draining issues and got back up on my own two feet after a few months of what I thought was lost and I can't be bothered to feel those emotions again. 

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