That day I shuffled in Singapore.

Not much of a review isn't it? I will just stick to going to The Plain next time round but hey, always good to try something new.



While I am busy playing with the awesome Star Wars Intro Creator , I decided to multi task and transfer my photos to my laptop to get some storage space from my phone but not on my laptop. I need to buy a hard drive as well actually. Dammit technology!

I went to Singapore for a weekend as well during my last few weeks of December 2015. These images doesn't do it justice because even though humans like to make fun that Singapore is just a  small black dot on the world map and how you can go around the country in less than 4 hours, the city has loads to offer than just being a port. 

Having worked there for less than a quarter of a year, the good cafe food and clean yet educated city makes me happy. Courteous humans at most areas of Singapore actually makes me have a slight temper when I get back to Kuala Lumpur. Why? Kuala Lumpur needs to wake up and tell the difference between work and play / or perhaps no play at all as we lack in efficiency and productivity all together. Not to say Singaporeans are better conditional human beings - no, but we both could learn a lot from one another, especially Malaysians in terms of work. 

Dropped by Common Man Coffee Roasters for breakfast which was a breath of fresh air. Would have loved to dropped by to The Plain as it was a usual spot but decided to try something new instead. The Bao Makers was unsatisfactory but it suited the price and no matter how many times I have visited Plain Vanilla, I shall remember to never order drinks. 

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