Getting older? Deal with it.


I just showered and I am sweating like a druggie at the chemist. Was that too much information? NAAAH.

What is up with Kuala Lumpur's weather? One day it will be super chilly and the next hot as a firecracker.  According to the weather report, temperature will drop drastically the next few weeks.. is the world going to END? 

Anyway, enough yapping about the weather like some English person trying to make a small chat with a stranger in the lift.

I am currently taking a break from work and writing this piece up as I have a small attention span these days, which should be quite alarming for my age. If one project takes 4 hours, I will have to slot another project in between so that I don't have a creative block. Do you get that? Like you can't stay still or your mind just keeps wandering off places like you have another soul within your soul?

People tend to say that when you grow older, you will realise your body changes quite drastically ( well, obviously) and here are the few I can think of at the top of my head ------->

  • I get really tired after noon and would take a quick nap with my legs far apart from each other as if conquering two worlds. I am lucky I am able to do quick naps now, but what about when the next career move begins? In the toilet? 
  • I need to take vitamins to survive. I hate swallowing pills btw, just saying.
  • My minds works amazingly while EATING. Like all the creative juices for the next project or branding for a client would appear in my tiny head while munching on carbs. Non healthy carbs gives the best effect! Sadly, this great mind ends when I do not munch on something, hence WTF is diet?
  • When I change my diet and exercise routine ( which is almost every other month) my body turns in a really skinny-fat red panda. Getting motivated to start again to what we call a "positive" lifestyle is actually the most agonising part of my existence, really. But I will always do it again because, well my body doesn't feel as good at it was during the whole "positive" lifestyle"
  • Positive lifestyle with me is : Eat whatever you want moderately ( but I tend to stay away from rice // bread is still a YES for me// and very little desserts...KL doesn't really have great choices anyway ) and try to exercise 3x a week whether it is yoga, pilates and the basic treadmill. If I could do a minimum of 3x a week, well I am a fucking champion

So enough about me getting old as if I am entering old folks home tomorrow. Here are some donuts for your eyes. Feeling good about growing old again?

Love, Iqa.