papa's ugly sweater.

God, the weather can't be anymore indecisive like I was when I was in high school. Rain or shine whenever Mother Earth pleases! Rummage through my disorientated wardrobe to find something comfortable with the hot/rainy weather and found my dad's old sweater he used to wear in university and I took it off him when I was heading off to university on that one time I came back to Kuala Lumpur for winter's break. It is ugly and boring but heck it's comfortable.

I was going through a whole wardrobe change back then where everything baggy/not mine/old was IN. Perhaps it was because of UK's cold weather where anything tight or just being nicely fitted was too much of an itch to my lanky body. With that I have grown to the point where comfort is appropriate for any occasions. Fuck, I even wear sweaters and sneakers to the club. 

Today was a lazy day just doing work over the phone and hopping to 28 Fireplace which has a fire bomb drink, good as gold. Go on Instgrammers, go nuts with their honeycomb tiles as well.