I got into a car crash.


Back here after two weeks of my new work. Everything is going so well and I have been learning and adapting to hopefully my full potential. I do miss the freedom of a freelancer where I could work anywhere, anytime but I am feeling good about it. The free times I have is actually cherished a little bit more than before. Maybe way more. 

I am working alternate Saturdays as well which is a little weird for me. This two weeks focus has just been work - now its time to divide time to exercise, family and loved ones. 

By the way, I got into a really bad car accident on my first day of work. Can you believe it. Right before I got to work, a car hit me from behind when I was at a traffic light. I was more worried texting my new boss " errr i will be late." . It is horrifying being one of those people messaging late and me overthinking whether my boss thinks I am lying. Hence me sending bunch of images on WhatsApp to him. Loll. 

But thank got the guy who hit me is also an car insurance / owns his own car workshop - so I got my car fixed in a week! It was nerves-wrecking not knowing when I would get back my transport. 

Anyway, enough blabbering for now. Here is to a good week <3

Love, Iqa