Rollin the old film in Kuala Lumpur


I have a thing for film photography as mentioned in my previous post on Bangkok and am sharing the roll of film I got developed recently by the ever so kind Koonyik at Bang Bang Geng ( film enthusiast and film developer in Kuala Lumpur) . Half of the roll that you will see here is my walk I had with Badan Warisan Malaysia ( one of my journeys to understand the city I live in a little bit better).

This was late last year but I guess that is the beauty of film photography, you don't rush for your film to get developed. I had so much fun walking alone with a map looking like a lost tourist in my very own city. I learned a lot about the humans who live in Brickfields and the blind who are helped by kind souls of the area.

I was lucky enough to take the time to understand humans in KL a little bit better but it left me feeling a little out of place and less understanding of the term race used in Malaysia. Why?


Anyway, hope you love this roll of film as much as I do. Probably will do a part two of this film since downloading it seems to be ages. Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Love, Iqa.

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