The Ticking Clock.


I like to think that I do not have time to savour the moment of freedom before I began my new career move next week when I have actual ample time to sit back, relax and gobble on cheap Daiso snacks that are actually quite delicious. I actually can't wait to start work with all these ideas to implement and little things that could be tweaked from a third perspective. 

Oh, Happy Chinese New Year to my fellow humans!  Malaysia has way too many public holidays that being festive has become a celebration of the day being away from work - or is it because I am getting older that any kind of celebration seem to take quite a lot of personal energy? Eid Mubarak is usually the worst time for me as my brother loves to show his antics (only that time of the year though) and make our lives (the women in the family) suffer. He will scream, act sleepy, scream even louder and at time just step on your leg for the fun of it. 

Love, Iqa.