Raging with Kygo


Hello there! 

It has been months since I had the time to sit down and actually thought about blogging. Actually, wait no scratch that - I did have the time but actually I spend most of my time sleeping instead. Now that I am back to a 10 - 7 job - it has been very different compared to working on my own / or internationally. Not different in terms of work mode since I never stopped working but the main clear difference I have seen is flexibility  - where to be, where to go and what to do. A few months ago I could be working anywhere and had more quality time spend with family or love one but now the time I have is so precious, it is the only time I have to myself. 


Anyway, I am not complaining. In two days, there will be a fashion show launch, and tomorrow is our online launch as well that we have been working on so it is going to be cray. I am trying to rest and be inspired online today while having some time with the cats and eat anything I want. 

I was thinking of joining do DIY class that has been going around KL next weekend as well. You know what KL needs? Bloody good RAVE. Then I think I will love 2016 even more. Haha