The #Dior Cake

I have been feeling uninspired of late. Wondering whether it has been the battling of ideas or a much needed break. Thank god #bringmetobali trip is in two weeks and I still have a little bit of time to prepare work bits before I leave and enjoy the sunny sun and delicious food.

Oh, I turned 27 recently as well and I thought I  would freak out a little but somehow I am still calm that I am ageing quietly. I went a little overboard with thoughts on changing my whole entire closet as well as my beauty products. Somehow taking care of my skin is a big priority right now as it has been acting up a lot lately so I thought I needed to change my lifestyle. 

So off to the shopping mall I went to get materialistic things to make myself feel better, and guess what? IT REALLY DID! The best thing about shopping is the elements of suprises from brands who takes good care of their customers. Don't you think?  


Anyway I will be documenting a part of my lifestyle change ( if I am consistent) soon enough. I am currently lazying off my bed looking at the wardrobe and hoping I have a magic wand where it cleans up everything for me. 

So, how have you been?