While Waitin Video : Fish Head Noodles.

I just had the worst tummy ache and most probably the culprit was during the internal open house at work yesterday. It is one more week to Bali and I can't wait for it! I have not been on a trip for almost 6 months now! Can you believe it after more than 10 years being a different country every other month. 

I am quite glad I chose this route and I am quite comfortably happy however I can't wait for the next adventure which most probably be in the next year or so. I need to learn to stay put in a country once in a while to grow my well being. Oh, remember I once mentioned that I need to find a lifestyle that suits me? Well, I am still in search for the right balance.

Let me know if there is any sites or books I can read to be the best of me ;)