Finding your true calling.

I visit Bali once a year for the past 10 years and every year it gets a little more crowded and different in terms of experience however I am still planning to come back again next year perhaps with a concrete vision. Every time I am in Bali, I realised I am creating the same internal mission: understanding myself a little better.


The trip was a good relaxation and bonding session for my partner and I but there was a need in my brain to explore new ideas and personal development while I am on the island. I find myself researching new skills I can learn over the weekend or after work when I am back in KL just so I don't lose sights of my personal goal. Honestly my personal goal is to be find my true calling and hopefully one day create something I could be proud of. 


Sounds a little heavy, doesn't it? I am sure you can agree with me that you have thought about this before, no matter your age. Especially the ones who are jack of all trades but master of none like me. 

I downloaded a few mobile apps that supposedly will help me develop my skills and will be trying it out this weekend when I am back from Bali and will let you know which ones are worth it soon.



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