What is your resolution for 2017?


The first I could actually think of was obviously exercise. I was so into exercise when I fell really sick at the end of 2015 that I was actually feel I was getting healthier by day without taking any supplements. Just in case you don't know, I hate taking pills. Then I got lazier when I started working hours was just too long and all I wanted to do when I switch off my laptop was to have a small social life. I couldn't be bothered taking care of myself which actually is the wrong thing to do, but it was something I needed to do. So perhaps this year I should look at it differently and try to see how I could balance it out.

The second I think of was to build more experience. The first experience is of course travel. As mentioned, 2016 was the least travel I have done compared to the rest of the years (even as a kid). So this year I am to build experiences around traveling which I am currently planning to do in mid year.


It is the second day of 2017 and I have not given any thoughts to my resolutions other than being happy - which I think is the best resolution of all? HAHA. So, I woke up early today at 7 am, which is nothing new really as I usually the time I wake up anyway and bought medicines and roti canai for breakfast. Cleaned the house played with the cats and until now looking at Pintrest on new years resolution.Such a millennial but hey, anything for motivation.


The second experience is skills. I think I am a jack of all trades but master of none. I am not too sure what I am most skilled and I feel last year work has been diverting me a lot from my own work goal. So perhaps this year when I am off, I should be gaining the skill I need and even though it might be just another certification, it should be something I need.

So what is your 2017 resolution?

Love, Iqa.

iqa m