Cafe's to visit in Seminyak, Bali 2017.

Kim Soo Bali Cafe

Here is an updated list of cafe's I love to eat in Seminyak, Bali.I have been to Bali since every year since I was 18 ( and in some years, twice) so I like to think you can trust me..haha! I am only recommending the cafes in Seminyak as I usually stay there and only make the occasional visits to Ubud, Kuta ( honestly, I don't like staying or visiting Kuta ), Canggu, and Northern of Bali. I believe everyone has different palates and preferences but do visit the cafe / restaurants listed below especially if it is your first time in Bali.

Kim Soo Cafe Bali 2017
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6. The Secret Cafe ( Nusa Dua )

I know this is suppose to be about Seminyak, but I gotta add this one in as it is only about half hour away from Seminyak. The avocado mash here is to die for. At first I thought, hey why give me so little avocado.. it wont be enough ( Asian mentality I'm afraid ) but guess what? the avocado mash was just the perfect quantity for my toasted bread and it was the most delicious and simple avocado toast. It was the right amount of feta cheese added into the mash.

7. KU DE TA ( restaurant - night )

This was a not to miss restaurant for dinner my every visit. Then I stopped visiting. WHY? The only reason I went there to eat was because they the most delicious miso cod dish ever ( I am a very picky person when it comes to eating ) and they did it to perfection. I didn't mind spending for the dish as it was amazingly good. Then they stopped having it in the menu. LIKE, WHY? Am I the only one loving this COD? I got so upset, I don't bother visiting the restaurant anymore even though all their other dishes for dinner was good. SO UPSET.


10. Sisterfields - BOSSMAN - Expat Roasters

About 3-4 years ago, before the place got famous, there were no queues and it was very calming. Good for them, this place is usually packed. Food is alright and it great for dinner. They have another store next door called Boss and they sell big burgers which my partner -not so much. They also have another sister shop called Expat Roasters and the design and feel of the shop is great and I love their banana toast but coffee wash just..meh.


Delicious ice cream but honestly I only ever chose their mint chocolate chip ice cream and it is A - MA- ZING.

Here are a few others I have visited but it was just alright for me and I would maybe visit it again in future. However other people loved it and maybe you will too:

Betelnut Cafe ( Canggu ) / Milk & Madu ( Canggu ) / Cafe Organic / Strawberry Fields / Souq Cafe / The Bistrot / La Favela / The Fat Turtle ( don't eat their pancakes though.. ) / The Dough Darlings / Watercress Bali / BURO Concept Store & Coffee / Shelter Cafe ( above Nalu bowls) .... I think that's it... Haha!


1. Mamasan

You have to try their crispy duck & wantan soup. So fucking good. Great for lunch and you should NOT miss this spot.

2. The Corner House

Simple yet refreshing. This corner cafe is currently my favorite to begin the holiday with. Try their avocado mash.

3. Sea Circus

Everyone who goes to Bali will visit Sea Circus due to it's colourful exterior. This used to be a personal favourite of mine three years ago but since their refurbishment ( due to lack of seats), the vibe doesn't feel as positive as it used to be. Food is just alright as well so go here especially if it your first time as it is quite Instagram worthy.

4. Nalu Bowls

You would have seen their smoothie bowl on Instagram and again, it used to be really good before the hype. Try it but for me, never again.

5. Kim Soo Cafe

This is a new cafe and I tried it the last trip to Bali and honestly, it was quite good. Partner loves his watermelon salad and me on the other hand love their desserts. I love the shop / cafe concept usually so it was a win-win for me.


8. Crumbs & Coaster ( KUTA )

Another place not in Seminyak but it is only 20 minutes away by bike. I don't like visiting KUTA cuz of the vibe. Feels like Patong of Thailand to be honest. However partner wanted to try new cafe's and we stumbled upon this cafe and he loves it. The plating was done perfectly and the energy of the cafe feels good.

9. Revolver Boutique Cafe

Only for their coffee and delicious brownie. We usually like to sit outside in the open air area as it is very dark and small inside - usually a little clausterphobic at places like this.


Do let me know in the comment section or message me if you would like to know more where to visit in Bali. I am more than happy to help.

The thing I love most about my recent trip to Bali was my bikram yoga class at JIWA. It is difficult to find a good person to guide you in YOGA, but damn - this place was perfect.


If you haven't watched my 1 minute video of Bali - watch it here below :)