Thursday mood at work : non-productive.


Today has been non productive for me at work with me spending my entire morning reading articles on digital marketing in 2018 ( if you are interested, a good read on what to expecT in digital marketing landscape here:How Digital Marketing Landscape Transformed in 2017 & What to Expect in 2018 ) and thinking what to eat for lunch. Then I continued my day with more article reading on topics regarding social media and game changing apps ( I see none worth sharing). Then it hit me about an hour ago on how much I miss my cats especially Porter which is the youngest and I feel like I should care more for him compared to the rest since he is blind in one eye but I know every time I see him he is the craziest out of the lot! Jumping on cabinets and the bigger cats and the loudest meows ever.

I wonder what it is doing right now.. probably asking his dad for more food. 

Oh yeah and now work is over and I am going to meet my girlfriends for dinner. It was clearly a non productive paid work day - horrible, I know. I will work smarter tomorrow. 

Pray for me. and my company. LOL.

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