To break my week-long of silence with the usual  #ootd shots against beautiful splash of red wall is a little ironic since I have been in my lounge attire to work and back home. I have been too occupied with work and personal life that I forgot to tell myself to take a little breather. This has been the longest since I have travelled as well and it is breaking my brain cells. Anyway, I have wanted a pink cap for so long ( well , perhaps only after seeing K-POP stars wearing it) and after what feels like a year, I finally gotten my hands on a Champion pink cap. 


Coincidentally after buying the hat, I bought an almost same shade of pink of top from apparently the biggest Uniqlo, which I might add, felt like I was in Oxford Circus Primark where there were tons of human cashiers shouting loudly trying to get customers moving like goats towards the cash register. There will always be that one person who is day dreaming and just seem to not give a f**k on whether they are the cause to long queue.

The purchases were quite uncommon to me as honestly as pink is not exactly my favourite shade of colour. I am one of those humans who hates pink as a kid but now the shade of pink that I am fond of looks good against my tropical weathered skin.

Paired the look with big & square gold earrings as a finishing touch to my upper body to add a sort of edgier touch and not to forget that I was a 90s kid (well... growing up in the 90's counts as well.)

So, how have you been?