Products I have laying around in my toilet - Aesop | Grown Alchemist

I like to think I minimize well on purchasing beauty products I don't really need and the great thing about this post is that one of the products, my sister actually bought for me so, WIN.

As you can guess, she bought the Aesop Poo-Poo Drops for me as a birthday gift. She knows me too well.... maybe too well. I feel secure now knowing that when my partner or guests comes in to the toilet after me, they think I am a fckn unicorn shitting rainbows...hahaha!  Another great thing is that you can put the drops anywhere that smells likes trash ( kitchen sink, cat's bed, your bed your partner..)

The Grown Alchemist Hand Cream on the other hand was an amazing buy during one of my visits to the land down under. I think this purchase was from Perth since I did nothing much there besides visiting PRICELINE & David Jones quite often. It smells delicious but not the kind you wanna puke and it is heavenly nourishing. I rubbed it on my partner's dry scab once and magically enough the next few days it was like normal man kind of skin.

So yes, if you need two essentials to fill up your toilet, this two is a must!