Weekend in Singapore - Yayoi Kusama: Life Is The Heart Of A Rainbow

sarnies in singapore

In Singapore, it felt relaxing and there were new private pieces that I have never seen before and some pieces that I have seen before wasn't there. Maybe it was due to the fact that there was another Yayoi exhibition in the U.S but it was sad not seeing some of my favorites.

If you guys have some time, I recommend for you to go and take it all in. Enjoy it and try to understand what she stands for. If you don't, respect it and continue walking. Immerse yourself in her repetition of art that stands out in between of escapism and untouchables.

Singapore for the weekend? Here is a brief of what I did below:

1) Have delicious /to-die-for blueberry pancakes at Artistry

2) Take a walk through Haji Lane, however it is not like how it used to be before.

3) Shop at Keepers SG if you really need a gift last minute.

4) Fall in love with Singapore Independent Designers at National Design Gallery merchandise store

5) Eat Chilli Crab at No Signboard Restaurant @ Esplanade

6) GrabCar is 7 SGD everywhere you go in SG.

7) You may wanna have pizza @ mozza because it ranks as a great place for lunch at Marina Bay Sands, but I have tasted better

8) Tiong Bahru is good to spend your Sunday at but visit Sarnies for breakfast first.

9) National Science Museum : Future World is a good exhibition but go to all 3 exhibition to make it worth your time and wait.

10) You have to buy these and bring home. Trust me.

pancake the artistry

Over the weekend, my sister and I managedto take a flight to Singapore for a weekend trip. Our main intention was to have a look at Yayoi Kusama: Life is the heart of a rainbow exhibition at National Arts Gallery

We have been to the exhibition in NY and London individually and about two years ago when my sister was going through a rough patch - she invited me on a trip to Korea for a Yayoi Kusama exhibition as well. I like to think over the years - that was the one trip together that made us closer, which feels really nice.

However for that trip - it was more of a art/ culture shock. Why? You were allowed to take photos and hunny, the Asians don't stop at taking one photo. If they could bring a tripod with them ( which I swear, one lady did ) they would. FLASHES EVERYWHERE. I was blinded and I couldn't really enjoyed it.