Happy Birthday To Me.


What I think I am lack of doing now is about helping others.  My work does a few CSR projects, but it is a little different than your own CSR projects... it is a different feeling. I am doing the he whole auto-debit every month from your account to help a child in Laos and Timur Leste since I was in college and don't get me wrong - it is a great way to help but I feel a little disconnected. I want to help someone who needs it, face to face. Perhaps a little more digging on the web should do, but if you know of any that I could give a helping hand, can you nudge your girl here to the right direction?

As I am typing this, it will be a few more hours until my birthday is over. I thought it would be a good time for me to sit down and reflect.  I am pretty content right now with my life. I have a house (well, mortgage is not a fun responsibility but still.. ) family, partner and good friends. I know in the next few months it would be another new adventure for me in terms of work, however, thats for me to go through it later.

Like everyone, my age or older, I got to know what I want, needed and look forward to in life. For instance, clothes. I used to buy clothes every other day from wherever I was. Now I spend more on clothes that comes with quality and to be honest the last time I shopped was a few months ago. I used to make fun of my mom being a shopaholic buying way too many skincare products than she needs but now it seems that I am the one inviting her to my trips to skincare counters every time she is in town. 


Anyway, got to go. Have to spend the next few hours munching on delicious pizza, music and quality time with the rest. 

Oh, and before I forget, a little note to myself in future (just in case I decide to be all melancholy)

Stop worrying so much. Stay strong with the decisions you make. Follow your hear and better yet with a little bit of rationality to it. Don't ever forget to ever love your family and partner each more each day but most importantly, yourself. 

Happy birthday to me :)