Six more months to 2018!


Ever since my trip to Singapore, it reminded me of my constant travels back then and how I just miss it. Definitely not about a)going to airport, b) buying snacks you don't need, c) having a quiet workout on the airline seats ( this just means shifting uncomfortably MANY MANY TIMES) and d) going through immigration. I wonder why some countries haven't gone paperless for immigration. Why am I filling in things you can just ask me - type it in to the bloody computer / scan my passport for main details? Isn't that what immgiration officers is for? to communicate with us aliens?


Anyway... what am I trying to say..

Oh right. So I made a few travel bookings in the month of Sept & October besides and I am looking forward to it.  One is obviously Bali (to date : an annual trip for 10 years! ) with my partner, then mostly likely a country in SEA and another a city in Australia.

This means more videos, discovering delicious food and exploring another city.


I am not trying to be the one bringing you bad news however it is LESS THAN 6 MONTHS TO 2018! Can you believe it? Like what have I done? Being a slave to work - check. Over eating junk food - check. Always thinking of exercising but not doing it? - check.

Till next time!