Hello, September 2017


It is September and I have so many plans so little time. Who knew that when you think your calendar looks pretty empty, out of the blue, your calendar populates by "itself". Just when I thought I will be able to just lie down on my couch, have some McDonalds nuggets and watch Korean drama all day, everyday.

A week more to BALI and I am excited! This time round SAO will be doing the planning of cafe's to go too and I will just sit back and give him directions, lol! I am thinking of doing some basic mindful things like meditation and yoga but I haven't gone round to researching to that yet.

I have been meaning to exercise as well, and the last time I stepped into the gym was 3 months ago. It is always" I will go to the gym tomorrow" and when the time comes my mind will be like " you know what, I deserve to have the rest " FML.

I haven't done my hair, nails, change some money, dentist , check my eyes, contacts... ughhhh the list goes on and this is without including important stuff like work.

Oh right. I went to SEA GAMES as pictured above. I have nothing much to say about it besides I would like to remember that moment when you are just proud of your country. It is a good feeling when everyone is cheering for the same thing.

Oh well, off to cook some tuna pasta.