Honest Review: Dr Oracle A-Thera Cleansing Foam


It definitely stopped all my acne and the scars looks lighter after a month but perhaps it is also with the other products I have been using ( which I would tell you more about in the near future


I have been super picky about my cleansers ever since I found a perfect cleanser for my face. Rich lather creamy cleanser however some of the brands could be pretty heavy for my skin extracting all the moisture for my super sensitive skin. 

Acne has been my nightmare and somehow a month ago, I had acne bursts around my chin area. After using Google - my best friend for knowledge, acne around the chin area is hormonal or stress. And yes, I was f****n stress with work since no one knows what they are doing at work. 

Anyway, I found Dr Orcale A-TherA Cleansing Foam at one of the beauty stores and I was quite skeptical about it since the sales girl was selling it hard to me and I haven't read any reviews on it. 

After a month of using it, I am fucking happy with it. It doesn't suck all the moisture from my face and it just feels super clean. It is easy and the foam is just rich and lather just like I like it. 

I give it a 10 /10 and I would definitely repurchase  unless I find another brand that I want to try!