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2015 life lessons remembered next to a dustbin.

1. You will still fucking cry and look like an ugly baby no matter how old you get.

2. Love is the brainchild of Lucifer. He made it a choice.

3. Not everyone is genuine and that's okay because everyone has their own story to begin with.

4. The best of friends are the the one's with low maintenance on keeping the friendship alive. 

5.  Sometimes you have to take a step out of your problems and view it as a third person to see the bigger picture. 

6.Give yourself credit even though you conquered the smallest mission in your to do list.

7. Giving up is actually an option. But getting back up is compulsory.

8. Take chances.

9. When you are feeling sad, angry or depress - deal with it. For at least half an hour or an hour, max. Then tell yourself you wasted half an hour, has your feelings been solved yet? Whatever it is, deal with it. Don't bring it over to the next day. Or worse, other humans.

10. Forgive yourself. Fo every mistake, for every decision, for every step you take.

The older I am, the more I lose focus on myself.  I never thought I would say this but almost towards the end of last year, like a form of meditation, I have start setting up priorities every morning to keep me in track. I tell myself what went wrong the day before, whether I am okay when I woke up today and what I would like to achieve by 11.59 p.m - even if it was just grocery shopping. In the end of the day, even though you know everything is going to be okay, focusing on strength within yourself is the only way to be happy. 

A lot of things has changed but the only philosophy that that hasn't change is to be happy with yourself.







Cafe location for today : LOKL                    

Tried their new dish - french onion soup which was pretty good along with their staple cucumber and lime tea juice. It is not cheap but a great pit stop before exploring the historic part of Kuala Lumpur.

papa's ugly sweater.

God, the weather can't be anymore indecisive like I was when I was in high school. Rain or shine whenever Mother Earth pleases! Rummage through my disorientated wardrobe to find something comfortable with the hot/rainy weather and found my dad's old sweater he used to wear in university and I took it off him when I was heading off to university on that one time I came back to Kuala Lumpur for winter's break. It is ugly and boring but heck it's comfortable.

I was going through a whole wardrobe change back then where everything baggy/not mine/old was IN. Perhaps it was because of UK's cold weather where anything tight or just being nicely fitted was too much of an itch to my lanky body. With that I have grown to the point where comfort is appropriate for any occasions. Fuck, I even wear sweaters and sneakers to the club. 

Today was a lazy day just doing work over the phone and hopping to 28 Fireplace which has a fire bomb drink, good as gold. Go on Instgrammers, go nuts with their honeycomb tiles as well.



Waking up to 2016

Why hello there Kuala Lumpur in 2016 where roads feels a scene from walking dead with one or two cars speeding off the limit heading to mamak's. Woke up roughly around 9 this morning, calm as ever. Wasn't too sure what I should do as it is a little bit of my own pressure to start off with something productive at least. Quickly hurried to the couch, pet my annoying little cats and here I am typing my first ever post on this space. Wasn't too sure why I am starting a blog this year when I pretty much have blogged under so many alias for the past few years. Even had a major successful blog which actually began my career in university which I ended up closing the chapter because I didn't really like who I was back then. Did not felt real.

I don't think eight years later that I am living the life and found my calling. I am still walking around like a zombie with comfort clothes but at least with small goals and to remember each day to put myself first. I have travelled to more than 60 countries now and I am still itching to walk up mountains, discover new roads and amazing shops that I would have never thought about. I am comfortable with life with an amazing apartment [crazy huge responsibility though] , constant supportive, loving family and just humans close to me that it has come to that age where I have the best one's in my hand. 

Phew. That felt like a speech. So let's get on with 2016 shall we?