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Peace in Penang.

Hello my fellow unknown readers. Currently in Penang enjoying some time off with my partner (even though we are just staying in the apartment most of the time and staring at the beautiful view of the beach). One of those moments where I need times like these to just refresh my mind. Perhaps I should read a good book but I thought it is time to update my blog and perhaps fix the design layout of it - what do you think?

7: I just want to be happy

My dictation app on my phone has been acting up and every single time I get to my laptop to write something, there is usually something bothering me ( hungry, Korean show, cats, hungry again). 

I realised there are 7 more days to year 2017 and instead of listing down my resolution today, I decided to write what I have learned in 2016.

2016 hasn't been horrible - it was definitely a learning experience (well, every year is?). It was definitely calmer than 2015 however less exciting in terms of travelling. I have only been to 3 countries this year, however it has been the same countries I have been to over and over again. I want to go somewhere NEW - to feel as if I am actually discovering and exploring instead of just going back to the same old spots.

I have not come across anything new in 2016 however, I have been feeling as I am going backwards in life to be honest. Without going too much into details of how I am progressing backwards in life, by the end of the year, it has actually taught me to be happy with all my life choices and if I wasn't I should do something about it.


I have read numerous self-help books on how to be happy, and not because I wasn't. Some days you just need a little reminder that bad days are not here to stay, but it gives you extra happiness when you do have better days. I used to think it would difficult to be happy everyday but now I think if you brush away the negative things that happened in your day as quickly as you can, you can have a happier life.

If you didn’t try to at least put yourself in a better mood, who else will?

I don't think there is any right way of how to be happy. I think the only to be happy is to find something that makes you look forward to your day, do it with a lot of heart and constantly having a lift in your smile without playing pretend. 


So here is to me in 2017, brush off the negative moments as quick as you kill a mosquito,  wash off the blood and not let it stain your skin. Instead, head on to Pintrest, look up motivational and self help quotes and do something you like. Whether it is eating your favourite food, spending it with your love ones or even going crazy with your savings on last minute travels. Look back and know that you have survived the worst, so why spend extra days just feeling horrible about yourself, right?

While Waitin Video : Fish Head Noodles.

I just had the worst tummy ache and most probably the culprit was during the internal open house at work yesterday. It is one more week to Bali and I can't wait for it! I have not been on a trip for almost 6 months now! Can you believe it after more than 10 years being a different country every other month. 

I am quite glad I chose this route and I am quite comfortably happy however I can't wait for the next adventure which most probably be in the next year or so. I need to learn to stay put in a country once in a while to grow my well being. Oh, remember I once mentioned that I need to find a lifestyle that suits me? Well, I am still in search for the right balance.

Let me know if there is any sites or books I can read to be the best of me ;)



The #Dior Cake

I have been feeling uninspired of late. Wondering whether it has been the battling of ideas or a much needed break. Thank god #bringmetobali trip is in two weeks and I still have a little bit of time to prepare work bits before I leave and enjoy the sunny sun and delicious food.

Oh, I turned 27 recently as well and I thought I  would freak out a little but somehow I am still calm that I am ageing quietly. I went a little overboard with thoughts on changing my whole entire closet as well as my beauty products. Somehow taking care of my skin is a big priority right now as it has been acting up a lot lately so I thought I needed to change my lifestyle. 

So off to the shopping mall I went to get materialistic things to make myself feel better, and guess what? IT REALLY DID! The best thing about shopping is the elements of suprises from brands who takes good care of their customers. Don't you think?  


Anyway I will be documenting a part of my lifestyle change ( if I am consistent) soon enough. I am currently lazying off my bed looking at the wardrobe and hoping I have a magic wand where it cleans up everything for me. 

So, how have you been?  



Driving by Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Everyday I come back home and I get really tired however there are just some days where I want to break those bad habits of just being a sloth after work. Just like the below video where my partner and I took a short drive on the bike to KLCC and around the AKLEH highway to have some time alone together. 

While I am writing this, I am thinking about my partner. On how we went through a lot and I have always love to write about us but our relationship was not as concrete as we are right now so it felt vulnerable to write anything back then. Now, I feel like after going through so many hurdles, I think we are quite stable as the two standing feet. I will write in time to come because I know it would be my favourite topic.

What do you think?

The moment is gone

Have you ever had those moments where it is just peace and quiet and you could create beautiful sentences in your head on a particular feeling but you do not even seem to have a pen and paper or worse your phone at that precise moment to jot it all down?  

It is even more awful when you have a memory like Dory and all you can create the next round you are on your laptop is something like " all I thought of was..." ugh. So here is a short clip video which is really one minute long which seems to be easier to capture than write about. Enjoy! 

I tried to vlog - wait is the video below called vlogging?

I have been trying out taking short videos when I am out as I seem to forget the things that has been happening. I hate saying it is because of old age as my parents seems to have a ginkgo brain compared to mine - I think it is just my brain being lazy to remember and dig up those rusty files in my head.

Anyway, I hope you like the videos and the snippets into my life as well.

Let me know on how I can improve as well,