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Honest Review: Dr Oracle A-Thera Cleansing Foam

It definitely stopped all my acne and the scars looks lighter after a month but perhaps it is also with the other products I have been using ( which I would tell you more about in the near future


I have been super picky about my cleansers ever since I found a perfect cleanser for my face. Rich lather creamy cleanser however some of the brands could be pretty heavy for my skin extracting all the moisture for my super sensitive skin. 

Acne has been my nightmare and somehow a month ago, I had acne bursts around my chin area. After using Google - my best friend for knowledge, acne around the chin area is hormonal or stress. And yes, I was f****n stress with work since no one knows what they are doing at work. 

Anyway, I found Dr Orcale A-TherA Cleansing Foam at one of the beauty stores and I was quite skeptical about it since the sales girl was selling it hard to me and I haven't read any reviews on it. 

After a month of using it, I am fucking happy with it. It doesn't suck all the moisture from my face and it just feels super clean. It is easy and the foam is just rich and lather just like I like it. 

I give it a 10 /10 and I would definitely repurchase  unless I find another brand that I want to try!


Honest Review: Kiehl's Turmeric & Cranberry Energizing Mask

Initially a generous Kiehl's sample from the lab coat lady who helped me with my shampoo purchase, it became a purchase a month later. You must be thinking - wow it must be a really good s**t then!

When I was trying out the sample, I felt like my face was bright and clean so naturally I was actually raving about it to my sisters. Then I thought, oh why the hell not and purchase it - so I did! However, after 3 months using it once a week, I actually don't find anything great about it. 

Trying to wash it off is a big hassle as the cranberries would actually feels like it is sticking into my ice pick scars. It take an extra 5 - 8 minutes to get rid of them from my face. Of course it felt as if my face was brighter than ever - I was tearing off a new skin!



Haha, it is actually not that bad. Taking it off with wet cotton pad actually makes the whole process much easier but the outcome of the mask doesn't justify the effort you have to go through. I don't feel energize just tired and annoyed. 

I rate this a 2/10 and I won't repurchase. 

Sorry Khiel's - I still love your shampoo though!


Products I have laying around in my toilet - Aesop | Grown Alchemist

I like to think I minimize well on purchasing beauty products I don't really need and the great thing about this post is that one of the products, my sister actually bought for me so, WIN.

As you can guess, she bought the Aesop Poo-Poo Drops for me as a birthday gift. She knows me too well.... maybe too well. I feel secure now knowing that when my partner or guests comes in to the toilet after me, they think I am a fckn unicorn shitting rainbows...hahaha!  Another great thing is that you can put the drops anywhere that smells likes trash ( kitchen sink, cat's bed, your bed your partner..)

The Grown Alchemist Hand Cream on the other hand was an amazing buy during one of my visits to the land down under. I think this purchase was from Perth since I did nothing much there besides visiting PRICELINE & David Jones quite often. It smells delicious but not the kind you wanna puke and it is heavenly nourishing. I rubbed it on my partner's dry scab once and magically enough the next few days it was like normal man kind of skin.

So yes, if you need two essentials to fill up your toilet, this two is a must!

Honest Review: The Ordinary Products

I am a marketing person professionally s when a product does no-frills packaging and wording, I am sold. It was time to get real with the ingredients I am slathering on my face as I have been quite unimpressed with many products recently.

I got this off ASOS and it was affordable. I think it might be cheaper than off the counter products. If you don't know what The Ordinary is, do read about it on their website. To me, they offer active ingredients that are usually in all your products but they don't mix it up with other nonsense just to make it "prettier".

I wanted to buy one of their Retinol products but since I was blinded with all their products while adding things to cart on ASOS, guess what? I didn't even purchase the Retinol products I needed. Silly me. I bought six products in total and gave one to my mom ( can't remember the name but it is for pigmentation)

How I chose these products are quite simple. I just followed their regime for anti aging - here.So let's talk about each product that I have been using for the past 3 weeks.

Buffet: Reviews online raves about this shit so I bought it. It is suppose to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as fades dark sport and promotes a firm smooth texture.

So what do I think after 3 weeks using it? I see a difference where my dark spots are actually fading away and it actually firms up. Wrinkles... I don't really have much wrinkles to begin with so I can't tell. Definitely a keeper.

Hyaluronic Acid 2%: It is suppose to hydrate my skin but I don't really like using it in the morning as it leaves the face quite sticky. So I usually only use it during the weekend if I plan to stay home and be a sloth. I won't buy it again though because of the way it feels on my skin.

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil : I LOVE THIS. I apply it most nights. It is quite oily but it leaves my skin magically soft and bright the next day.I can't see much difference yet on my skin ( the dark spots) but hey, Rome wasn't build in day.

Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F:  ANOTHER FAVOURITE! This Vitamin C solution after applying it my face, it feels like a velvet primer. However I usually use it at night as I feel I have quite a lot of products I used in the morning ( Buffet + Sunscreen from SuperGoop). Definitely will buy this again!

Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2%: I have never tried a peeling formula before however everyone gave a good review about this online and I decided to give it a try. It is definitely stinging at first but it is bearable. It is quite sticky but the next day you can definitely see quite a difference especially if you have dark scars like me. Next round I will try the 10%.

That's all on my review for now! Drop me a message/ comment if you want to know more :)


Products I use just to wash my face.

I am not a beauty junkie neither do I change my products often but growing older I feel the need to taking care of my own skin.

A little bit about my face. I don't have good skin. I have open pores, various scars from my childhood of just being rough- popping acne thinking it didn't matter - combination skin. I never had a skin care regime until like 2 years ago and I am in my late 20s!

So here is the products I use just to wash my face:

1. Peter Thomas Roth

Anti Ageing Cleansing Gel ( which I only use at night) + Blemish Buffing Beads For Face and Body (once a week only)

My mom actually introduced me to PTR two years ago and they are on my skin care products list ever since. Their face wash has actually recovered my skin from my horrible teenage hood / adulthood phase. Originally started with PTR acne cleanser and POOF all my acne cleared since!

3.  Innisfree

My sister and I went to Seoul a couple years back and it was by far one of the best trips we have went on together. She is a beauty junkie unlike me and she wanted to get a product from Innisfree and I was bought into the idea of having all my beauty ingredients from Jeju Island. LOL.

Their Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil is a product I use if I do wear makeup. But let me tell you.. UNLESS you have perfect skin and whatever you use - your skin is perfect anyway.. I don't recommend this product.

Don't get me wrong. It didn't give me breakout/ made my skin dry / clogged up.It just didn't do anything. So, not recommended by me.

2.  Etude AC Clean Up Daily Cleansing Foam

I was originally using the La Mer Cleansing Foam and it quickly became one of my "empties" but the price point was just too unbearable for me so I was going around the shopping mall one day passing by the Etude pop up shop. I love Etude from my trip to Seoul  and I think what got me interested in their brand was when one of their sales girls just telling me how good this product was for my face. I am one of those consumers where by if you try to sell me something and tell me a story which I could related to - I'M SOLD!

So back to the cleanser. Obviously it is no match for the La Mer but I just love the smell on this cleanser. After washing my face, it actually doesn't feel like stripping my skin just like the La Mer and feels moisturised until the day after! So I am using this cleanser for now and so far, I love it.

4. DHC Cleansing Oil

So, since I was using the not- recommended Innisfree cleansing oil, I decided to look up reviews of best cleansing oil when I was in Japan. The number one product that came up was the DHC Cleansing Oil and let me tell you.. it is ah maaaaaaay zinnnnng.

It just washes everything off and feels super moisturised after that. Feels good after washing my face with it. I don't know how to describe it to you without over selling the product. You just have to buy it!

That's all I have for now! Next would be the products I use just to hydrate my face!